AirSnore Review – Doest It Really Work ?

The anti-snoring system AirSnore is very popular in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. This is a product of Wolfson Berg. All those who use this product will agree that the simple and easy-to-use mouthpiece made this product very user-friendly. Read this AirSnore Review before buying! AirSnore effectively prevents snoring and the aromatic drops which is also supplied along with the mouthpiece is a blend of various plant extracts. These plant extracts are very powerful and the user gets very peaceful sleep. AirSnore drastically reduces snoring and enables its users to enjoy sleeping. AirSnore is not a new arrival in the market and from the day of its launching till now this anti-snoring system has enabled more than 80000 people to sleep comfortably without the problem of snoring. The drops provide additional relief and support to the users while sleeping. People who suffer due to colds, flu or infection in the chest get great relief by using the drops and they are able to sleep well after using the drops.

Why use the Drops?

When the mouthpiece enables the user to sleep well without the disturbance of snoring, the drops serve as additional support and provide relief to the user so as to make him/her fall asleep. The drops contain purely natural products – aromatic oils and essential oils – such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and Scots pine leaf oil. Apart from preventing snoring, these oils clear the sinuses of the person whose sinuses is congested due to conditions like colds, flu and chest infections. Due to the conditions their airway might have been blocked and they may suffer to breathe. Once the oils clear the sinuses, the person will be able to breathe as usual and he/she is relaxed. Finally he/she gets a comfortable sleep. Only those with insomnia or chest problem need to use the drops. Those with only snoring problem need to use only the mouthpiece of the anti-snoring system.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

There are different types of anti-snoring aids and the mouthpiece of AirSnore fall under the category of Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD). When this mouthpiece fits over the teeth of the user, his/her lower jaw is drawn forward. When the jaw takes the tongue also with it the airways get opened up and as a result the person will not snore. AirSnore mouthpiece is easy to wear and doesn’t require any special fitting. It is comfortable also to wear this device and it effectively prevents snoring. The user will have no more snoring nights and his/her partner also can sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Those who use AirSnore are assured of positive results. The Cyprus based company Wolfson Berg has the reputation of developing quality products for health and wellness.

AirSnore functions as a boil and bite system

AirSnore is a cost-effective remedy to the problem of snoring. The mouthpiece of AirSnore works as a boil and bite system. This type of anti-snoring mouthpiece is widely used now and at the same time it is a very simple system and also very easy and comfortable to use. A special type of thermoplastic is used in the boil and bite type mouthpieces. The user has to get the same molded to his/her teeth. First, the device is kept in boiling water for a few minutes so as to make it soft. The mouthpiece is molded to the teeth just by biting into the thermoplastic when it is soft. It’s a quick and easy process and doesn’t require the help of a specialist.

How AirSnore stops snoring?

The remedy to a problem is to correctly tackle the root cause. Our body relaxes when we sleep. During that period of time our tongue slips back in our mouth. The tissues at the back of the throat also relax. Most people snore in this particular situation. Our throat is a fleshy pipe that connects nose with lungs and mouth with stomach simultaneously. The throat is the passage for air from nose and mouth down to the lungs. This passage should remain open to ensure free movement of air. While sleeping, if the tongue slips back in the mouth it will obstruct the airflow. When we sleep the tissue at the back of our throat also will be relaxing and consequently the tissue will be susceptible to the turbulence caused by the passing air. The effect of turbulence will be more when the tongue obstructs the air flow through the throat. We get the snoring noise when the flesh vibrates as a result of the turbulence.

Safe and natural way to control snoring

The mouthpiece of AirSnore pulls forward the lower jaw and as a result, the teeth will be slightly out of line. Also, the tongue is pulled forward. Ultimately the mouthpiece of AirSnore manages to keep the airway open. As a result turbulence at the back of throat is minimized and snoring is effectively controlled.

Discomfort with MAD type anti-snoring mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of AirSnore may cause slight discomfort initially. The lower jaw requires a little time to adjust when it is drawn to an unnatural position. Another discomfort will be for those with weak gum or dental crowns or implants at the front of their mouth. Also, if the front teeth are not strong enough to get along with the MAD, there will be slight discomfort. In such cases they may consult the dentist.

Durable and easy to maintain

The mouthpiece of AirSnore which is set up through boil and bite method does not require any additional maintenance. The device is without any moving part. The only requirement is that the device must be kept clean. For cleaning, one may soak the mouthpiece for a few minutes in a glass of cold water mixed with a small quantity of tooth paste. Instead, a denture cleaning liquid can also be used. After soaking, the mouthpiece is taken out and dried in air.

Money Back Guarantee

Interestingly, Wolfson Berg offers 60 days Money Back Guarantee for AirSnore. The guarantee period commences from the day you received the product. After using the mouthpiece and/or the drops for 60 days, if you are not satisfied, you can get back the amount that you paid.

Price of AirSnore and where to buy

The price of AirSnore mouthpiece will be not more than USD 50.

The drops cost USD 44.95.

Those who need both can go for the special deal in which the combo is offered for just USD 89.95.

There will be no additional charges.

The price of AirSnore mouthpiece is really attractive. The drops is a little expensive. However, those who do not require the drops can buy the mouthpiece only. But, drops is also a quality product and contains powerful natural ingredients that provide relief from congestion and assures restful sleep.

The AirSnore mouthpiece is an amazing solution to the problem of snoring and also it is cost-effective. Moreover, the company offers money back guarantee also.

Those who want to try AirSnore may have to buy the same from the official website.

Why buy AirSnore?

  • AirSnore is the product of a reputed manufacturer.
  • Cost of AirSnore mouthpiece is very competitive.
  • Product comes with 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Quick and easy solution to snoring problem without spending much.
  • Drops contain powerful natural ingredients that provide immediate relief from congestion.
  • Those who do not require drops can buy mouthpiece only.
  • No prescription is required for mouthpiece and drops. Anyone can buy the products and use them.
  • Official website offers flash sales periodically. Those who buy at that time can avail cash discount up to 20%.
  • Device made of quality materials and is very comfortable to wear.
  • Body soon adapts to the new positioning of the jaw.
  • AirSnore mouthpiece can be used to control sleep apnea after seeking professional medical advice.
  • A safe and natural way to control snoring.
  • No side effects that impact general health or well-being.
  • May experience jaw pain or headache initially, but will not be of serious nature.
  • A long-term solution to snoring.
  • Very easy to clean the mouthpiece.
  • Easy to wear and comfortable to sleep with.
  • No special fittings required.

Lifespan of AirSnore mouthpiece

Average lifespan of AirSnore mouthpiece is 9 – 12 months. Lifespan of the device largely depends on 3 factors –

(i) how frequently the device is used

(ii) how well the user cleans the device

(iii) whether the user grinds his/her teeth


AirSnore mouthpiece offers quick, easy and cost-effective solution to the problem of snoring while sleeping. Most of the reviews on this product by actual users confirm that it is a complete solution to the problem of snoring and the majority of users had given positive comments about the product. The easy and comfortable to use mouthpiece and the drops made of powerful essential oils together provide a complete system that effectively prevents snoring with no side effects. The AirSnore mouthpiece comes under the category of Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD). The boil and bite system makes this system simple and easy to wear. AirSnore provides quick relief from snoring by tackling the exact cause of the problem. Other than keeping the mouthpiece clean, AirSnore mouthpiece does not require any maintenance. All AirSnore buyers have the benefit of 60 days money back guarantee. No prescription is required to buy the AirSnore device and drops. Finally, AirSnore offers a safe, natural and long-term solution to the problem of snoring for a reasonable price.

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