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Crazy Bulk is a US based company and are offering a range of supplements for bodybuilding. These supplements, apart from retaining lean muscle mass ensure higher energy levels and speed up fat burning. The supplements offered by Crazy Bulk are legal and 100% safe alternatives to steroids. These FDA approved supplements provide all the health benefits of steroids but will give no side effects. The formulas of these supplements which were developed by Crazy Bulk are clinically certified and all ingredients in the products are also clinically approved. These supplements are ideal products for recovering after the workouts. Crazy Bulk started selling this line of supplements 6 years ago and it was a boon for bodybuilders the world over. Right from the date of introduction till to date there is growing demand for these steroid alternatives. During the last 6 years more than 5 lakhs bottles of these products have been sold. The body building supplements from Crazy Bulk are specifically for bulking, cutting, supply of protein in powder form and workout clothing.

The 4 different supplements

The four body building supplements from Crazy Bulk are found very effective for building muscles and gaining more strength. The four different products are –

1. D – Bal

2. Trenorol

3. Testo – Max

4. Deca Duro

D – Bal

D – Bal is a very powerful supplement specifically for muscle building. D – Bal is widely used as the most ideal natural alternative to the anabolic steroid called Dianabol. “Suma root” is the natural ingredient present in D – Bal. Suma root is a rich source of ecdysteroids. The ecdysteroids function as effective as real steroids and at the same time unlike the real steroids there will be no side effects.

Researches were conducted with ecdysteroids in the laboratory and the following observations were made:

  • boost protein synthesis and thereby help muscle building
  • quick improvement in performance in the gym
  • facilitate growth
  • a perfect alternative to anabolic steroids
  • facilitate muscle building by increasing rate of growth and size of the muscle fiber

Other ingredients in D – Bal

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 in D – Bal facilitates muscle growth.

L – Isoleucine: This amino acid helps muscle growth and muscle repair

Tribulus Terrestris: This ingredient effectively prevents damage of muscle during workout. It also helps trained male boxers improve their performance.

Ashwagandha: Those who consume Ashwagandha for 8 weeks can achieve muscle growth which will be 1.5 times the muscle growth achieved by taking a placebo.

Why take D – Bal?

As a bulking supplement D – Bal is market leader. Intense fat burning, making muscles stronger, preventing muscle soreness and fast muscle building are the outstanding benefits of taking D – Bal. Those who take three capsules of D – Bal daily for 2 – 3 months can get the very best results. When combined with an appropriate workout program and diet D – Bal gives the most amazing results. The capsules are to be consumed 45 minutes after the workout.


Trenorol is another supplement from Crazy Bulk for massive muscle building. This product is found as effective as  Trenbolone but with no side effects. This product is a blend of purely natural ingredients and apart from assuring tremendous muscle growth, this product is an effective strength booster and also facilitates quick recovery. Trenorol enables the muscles to retain more nitrogen and consequently the level of protein increases since nitrogen is vital to produce protein. With higher levels of protein the person will feel stronger and fat burning also gains momentum. Another great advantage of taking Trenorol is that it helps to produce more RBC and there by provide more oxygen to the muscles during the training.

Those who used Trenorol agree that it is as powerful as steroid but free of side effects. One can find many encouraging reviews of Trenorol on the Crazy Bulk website. One may start feeling the effects of this supplement after two stacks. Among the many alternatives for Trenbolone that are available in the market, Trenorol from Crazy Bulk is identified as one among the best.

Powerful natural ingredients

A set of highly powerful natural ingredients make Trenorol such an amazing bulking supplement. Which are those natural ingredients present in Trenorol?

Beta Sitosterol:

This plant-based ingredient effectively increases the level of free testosterone in the body and in fact it is more effective than any placebo group. This property of Beta Sitosterol makes it ideal for improving lean muscle mass. Beta Sitosterol enables the user to perform the workouts more energetically and also to improve focus. Besides facilitating free circulation of testosterone throughout the body it helps reduce level of LDL cholesterol in the body.


Pepsin is a proteolytic enzyme present in Trenorol and this enzyme facilitates protein digestion and also speeds up healing and recovery.

Nettle Leaf:

This is a plant known for its binding characteristics. The lignans present in Nettle Leaf bind to SHBG which is the Testosterone inhibitor. It will ensure free circulation of testosterone in bloodstream. Higher levels of testosterone levels in the body ensure more muscle growth and faster fat burning.

Samento Inner Bark:

This natural ingredient which is also known as cat’s claw is very effective in speeding up recovery. When patients of osteoarthritis take 100 mg of this ingredient daily for two weeks, they get great relief from pain and their joint function also improves. Samento Inner Bark enables Trenorol to facilitate faster recovery.

Testo – Max

Testo – Max is a powerful testosterone booster. This capsule is to be consumed every morning prior to breakfast. Besides providing muscle gains it will give more energy and will also make you stronger. It will also ensure faster recovery. Testo – Max is 100% natural, safe and legal. Instead of providing testosterone directly, Testo – Max enables body to increase testosterone production. When we get older, muscle building becomes a harder task. Taking Testo – Max is the best solution to this problem. Testo – Max effectively regulates libido, bone mass, distribution of fat and muscle mass.

Ingredients of Testo – Max

D – Aspartic Acid:

Each serving of Testo – Max provides 2352 mg of D – Aspartic Acid. It will increase level of luteinizing hormone which makes the body to produce more testosterone.


This is a plant that facilitates increased production of testosterone. It provides more strength and reduces fat.


This natural mineral boosts production of testosterone. This will help older men to improve their workouts.

Why use Testo – Max?

Testo – Max boosts energy levels, facilitates muscle building and speeds up recovery after hard sessions. All the ingredients of Testo – Max are testosterone boosters and ensure higher levels of testosterone in the body.


Decaduro is a powerful bulking stack from Decaduro. This product contains four powerful ingredients. It is a legal and safe natural alternative to Deca – Durabolin. This product is 100% free of harmful side effects. Those who take this product will feel fit and stronger and their body gets well conditioned. The advanced formula of Decaduro ensures more nitrogen retention. Nitrogen is vital for muscle building and protein synthesis.

Decaduro provides more oxygen to muscles by increasing production of RBCs. When the muscles get more oxygen you find it easier to hit the weights and also it will speed up recovery.

Ingredients of Decaduro


This natural ingredient is a powerful energy level booster.


This is an amino acid that increases nitrogen in the muscles. It provides the muscles more oxygen by improving blood circulation.

Wild Yam:

Diosgenin is a chemical present in Wild Yam which can be converted into DHEA in a lab. DHEA is a natural steroid which facilitates muscle growth and makes muscle stronger. However, consumption of Wild Yam will not lead to increase in DHEA since the body cannot diosgenin into DHEA.

L – Carnitine:

This ingredient facilitates weight loss and is very essential for producing energy. This will also reduce tiredness after workouts.

Many users of Decaduro reported that the product helped them to gain strength, muscle mass and endurance.

Cutting Products from Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk offers three products for cutting:

1. Clenbutrol

2. Anvarol

3. Winsol


This is a legal and safe alternative clenbuterol which is illegal. Clenbutrol facilitates burning of stubborn body fat, improves energy levels and keeps you focused. Being thermogenic, Clenbutrol increases body temperature, speeds up metabolic rate and makes the body to use all stored fat. By way of ensuring better transportation of oxygen Clenbutrol improves cardiovascular performance. Garcinia Cambogia, Bitter Orange and Guarana are the ingredients in Clenbutrol.


Anvarol is a 100% natural product and is a safe and legal alternative to the steroid Anavar. Anvarol increases phosphocreatine levels in the body and thereby boosts production of ATP. It will provide you the energy you require to push harder.

Ingredients: Soy, Whey Protein, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and ATP.


Winsol makes you lean and helps you to get ripped fast. It is a safe and legal alternative to Stanozolol  steroid.

Other products from Crazy Bulk

HGH – X2: anti aging

Gynectrol: relief from man boobs

Anadrole : Muscle gain, strength and stamina

NO2 – Max: boosts workout intensity

Tri-Protein: blend of 6 proteins to fuel the muscles.

Ultimate CRN-5: blend of five creatines for energy and muscle gains

Intensive Pre-Train: made of energy boosters that will help smash through workouts.


Crazy Bulk offers a variety of body building supplements that are very effective in gaining muscle mass, losing weight and gaining more strength. Crazy Bulk offers the right supplement to each customer. The company uses 100% natural ingredients to make all the supplements. Hence the products are legal and safe. The supplements from Crazy Bulk give no side effects.

Those who want to try the supplements from Crazy Bulk can buy the same from the official website.

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