Sonavel Supplement Review – Does It Really Work ? Read This Before Buying!

Sonavel is a brain and hearing support supplement that improves the hearing capacity and brainpower of a person. Many men and women find it difficult to hear properly when they grow old ad also their cognitive power reduces with the growing age. Sonavel has proved to be an effective solution for these people. It helps in repairing the damaged tissues of the ears and the brain, resulting in noticeable positive changes after taking it daily.  Read this Sonavel supplement review carefully before buying!

Sonavel is the fruit of prolonged clinical research in the USA and it is certified by FDA as a safe and useful supplement. This company is also certified for GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice, which expresses its reliability to customers. It is made of nine healthy ingredients that supply essential nutrients to consumers. Thousands of people have been reportedly benefitted so far by the use of Sonavel supplement.

The overall function of Sonavel supplement

Sonavel is made of a unique formula, using nine herbal ingredients that are useful in the improvement of brain cells and the parts of our inner ear. It cures all types of infections that can cause damage to the ears. It heals the inflammation of the ears that may be caused by an external injury. Hence, it helps in reducing the buzzing sound that hampers the natural hearing capacity, by curing this inflammation of the ear cells.  It also helps in improving the blood circulation of the body, sending more oxygenated blood and nourishment to the brain and ears. This supplement rejuvenates tired brain cells and thus, it strengthens the brain’s capacity of thinking, memorizing, and reasoning.

Often, noise pollution can harm our ear tissues, which can be prevented by the action of this Sonavel supplement. It makes the ear muscles much stronger so that loud noises fail to damage them. It also heals several nerve disorders, leading to the improvement of hearing capacity and brainpower.  It also energizes each body cell to make these cells more interactive with one another. Thus, the ingredients of this supplement contribute to the overall wellbeing of a person who takes it every day for a certain period. It is beneficial for both the physical and mental health of the consumer.

Prime benefits of taking Sonavel supplement daily

Natural detoxification – Some ingredients of the Sonavel supplement act as natural detoxifying agents in the human body. They drive out all toxic substances from body cells and thus, refresh our metabolic system to a healthier condition.

Safe for use – Sonavel is made of all natural ingredients and no chemical is included in its formula. Thus, it is guaranteed 100% safe for human health and no side effect has been reported so far by its numerous users. It is free of gluten and antibiotic substances, for which it does not interfere with the actions of other medicines.

Strong antioxidants – Some natural ingredients used in making Sonavel act as powerful antioxidants.  Thus, a person will feel refreshed and much better after taking a Sonavel capsule every day. This supplement can improve the hearing ability, cognitive power of the brain, and boost the concentration of that person.    

Use of healthy ingredients – The manufacturer uses only fresh and the best quality ingredients for manufacturing this supplement, keeping in line with the GMP guidelines. Thus, consumers can be sure of getting positive results within a few days after they start taking it.        

Source of energy – Sonavel supplies a lot of energy to the brain cells, which in turn makes the entire body energetic by the prompt action of strengthened nerves. Moreover, the rejuvenated brain cells boost the thinking ability of consumers and make them more focused, as well as help them to hear more clearly.

Compatible for all ages – It is clinically proved that this supplement is suitable for all adults, starting from the 30s to 70s. Everyone can take Sonavel capsules irrespective of their age group and current health conditions. The unique formula of this supplement has made its actions gentle yet powerful for all men and women.

Money-back guarantee – The maker of Sonavel is confident of its success as a hearing and brainpower supplement. Hence, the cost price is guaranteed to be returned if any buyer is not satisfied. However, a buyer needs to try this supplement for 60 days and notice the result before asking for the refund of money if it does not seem to work for him/her.

Quick delivery – Buyers can place your order for 1 bottle for a discounted price of $69 per bottle, a pack of 3 bottles at the discounted rate of $59 per bottle, or a pack of 6 bottles with the discounted price of $49 per bottle. The shipping charge is free for all the packs and it will reach your doorstep within 5 – 7 days for buyers in the US or Canada.  Even international customers can expect to get their orders packs of Sonavel within working 15 days.

Fast reaction on the body – Usually, the ingredients of Sonavel take around 3 months time to cleanse the body system and get rid of all toxins, restore the normal functions of body organs, and renew the energy of the brain cells. However, you can notice the changes in your physical and mental health within a few days after starting its course.

The individual function of each ingredient of Sonavel

Each capsule of Sonavel contains the following ingredients derived from only herbal products, delivering the below-mentioned benefits to consumers. The cover of the capsule is made of brown gelatin that is safely edible for even elderly people.

  1. Vitamin B – The scientific name of this vitamin is Folate or Folic Acid. 800 mcg Folate is present in a Sonavel capsule, which is 200% of its Daily Value (DV). It acts instrumental in protein synthesis as it helps in the creation of different types of amino acids. This vitamin is also needed for DNA production, as it breaks complex carbohydrates to release energy into the body system. So, it can repair the damaged tissues of the inner ears. Folic acid helps in the growth of blood cells and rectifies the functions of nerve cells. Thus, this nutrient is useful for the better health of the nervous system, including the brain, as well as improves blood circulation.
  2. Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is scientifically named Pyridoxine and 7 mg of this nutrient is present in a capsule of Sonavel, which is 100% of the Daily Value. It is important for carrying on the usual metabolic activities of the human body. It also helps in the production of glycogen and releases several neurotransmitters from nerve cells. Thus, it is essential for the healthy nervous system and also stabilizes the immunity power. So, it can reduce the pain and inflammation of damaged ear tissues, as well as decreases the ringing sound in the ears. This vitamin also plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells and body hormones. It also helps in the production of a chemical called Carnitine that promotes the decomposition of fat cells into energy. 
  3. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin is the scientific name of this vitamin, which is essential for the metabolism of physical energy in the human body. 2 mg of Riboflavin is present in a Sonavel capsule, which is 92% of the Daily Value. It makes body cells healthier by strengthening the mucous membranes that protect these cells. It contributes to iron metabolism in the body and thus, prevents anemia and fatigue. It decreases the ringing sound heard by damaged ears, mainly by older people. It prevents dehydration and oxidative stress of the nerve cells. Thus, it can improve the electrical impulses of the brain and functions of other vital organs, like the ears.  
  4. Magnesium – Sonavel capsule contains 200 mg of Magnesium, which comprises 48% of the Daily Value. This mineral helps in stabilizing the nervous system, by developing neurotransmitters, certain coenzymes, and neuromodulators. Thus, the regular intake of this nutrient can help in reducing depression, mood swings, feelings of irritation, memory loss, and other neurological problems. It also promotes blood circulation to all vital organs. It rearranges the hair follicles inside the ear, to correct the faulty vibration of the eardrum, resulting in diminishing the hearing problems.   
  5. Potassium – 200 mg of this mineral is present in a capsule of Sonavel, which is 4% of the Daily Value. It helps in healing parts of the inner ear, which are damaged due to noise pollution. It sends electric signals for activating nerve cells so that they can transmit and collect messages. Similarly, it activates the fluid of the inner ear to send messages to the brain for remembering sounds captured by ear tissues. It also controls the fluid level in other parts of the body, including blood. Normally, the potassium level of the body decreases at an older age, which can be supplemented by taking Sonavel capsules for a definite period.
  6. Garlic bulb – One capsule of Sonavel has 200 mg of Garlic bulb extract. It is an important ingredient because it has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief to painful ears. It is also effective in curing ear infections and stabilizes blood circulation throughout the body. Garlic is rich in antioxidants that prevent degeneration of nerve cells with the growing age. It also increases the antioxidants in the body, which prevents heart diseases. Moreover, garlic can slow down the aging of brain cells, preventing memory loss and other cognitive disorders in aged people.
  7. Hibiscus flower – A Sonavel capsule contains 350 mg of Hibiscus flower extract, which is a native species of Africa. Usually, red Hibiscus flowers are dried, from which the necessary extract is drawn out. This flower is rich in antioxidants, among which ascorbic acid and citric acid are present in large amounts. These antioxidants prevent or slow down the aging process in the human body, as they protect body cells, mainly the neurons or nerve cells, from the harm of free radicals. Hibiscus is also rich in flavonoids that improve blood circulation and keep blood pressure at an optimum level. Thus, it helps in supplying oxygen to all organs and improves the hearing power through better functions of the nervous system.
  8. Hawthorn berry – A capsule of Sonavel contains 200 mg of this fruit extract, due to its anti-bacterial property. Thus, it can prevent bacterial infection in the ears and heals irritation caused by infection. The hawthorn berry is rich in all unsaturated fatty acids, like omega3, omega6, omega7, and omega9. It also contains different types of vitamins, minerals, and useful enzymes that are needed for a healthy body, including Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Hence, this fruit has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties, for which it is included in Sonavel. It can also protect the heart, liver, and kidneys from damage. It also reduces stress level and further saves body cells from aging and other related problems.
  9. Rosemary – A Sonavel capsule contains 140 mg of Rosemary extract, which helps in reducing irritation in brain cells. It is found that rosemary works better when paired with hibiscus flowers. This product contains eucalyptol that can boost memory power up to 15%. It contains antioxidants that prevent the aging process to a great extent and heal the inflammation of nerves. It helps in driving out all toxic substances from the body system through urine, for which it also acts as a diuretic drug. It calms down agitated brain cells and improves cognitive powers. Rosemary can prevent the harm of free radicals, saving nerve cells from various disorders. It strengthens hearing capacity and provides relief from stress, by decreasing the level of stress hormones in the body.

Therefore, scientists have certified Sonavel supplement to be an effective way to fight brain and hearing disorders. A person should take only 1 Sonavel capsule with a glass of water after the evening meal and continue this practice for at least 3 months for achieving the best results. 

Where To Buy Sonavel Supplement ?

However, it is better to buy approximately 6 bottles of Sonavel that will last 180 days, to reap the maximum of its benefits for a lifetime. Therefore, you need to contact this company at  the official website which is the official website that sells Sonavel supplement online, to place your order of Sonavel packs.

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